Nanovitin Shampoo and Mask with Collagen and Keratin Kit

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Paraben, sulfate and Salt-free Shampoo. Gently cleanses the hair and helps maintain and prolong the cosmetic effects obtained with salon treatments. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen, leaving soft, tangle-free and glossy hair.

Paraben, sulfate and salt-free conditioning mask. Nourishes the hair and helps maintain and prolong the cosmetic effects obtained with salon treatments. The formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen, leaving hair soft, tangle-free and glossy.

Shampoo 250 ml
Mask 200 ml

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8 reviews for Nanovitin Shampoo and Mask with Collagen and Keratin Kit

  1. MarathonGirl

    This is the best product ever! I have color treated hair and it leaves my hair soft and manageable. A must try

  2. WahooGuy

    I bought this for my wife cause she get treatments in her hair and she needs to use sulfate free shampoo and condition she loves it now

  3. Nydia

    I used the shampoo and the mask and besides leaving my hair manageable and stylish, now the color is alive and shining. You’ll love it. Use el shampu y la mascara y además de dejar mi pelo manejable y con estilo, ahora el color se avivó y el pelo brilla. Te va a encantar.

  4. Shirley

    I truly believe the integrity of your hair is the most important. It starts with the correct product. As a hair designer ?‍? I can do so much with healthy hair… we all shampoo & condition our hair,so why not give it the nourishment it needs. This product will do just that.

  5. Josey

    I have blowout treatments done and this product works the best with my hair
    love it

  6. Michelle

    My hair has never been this soft and manageable I have coarse color treated hair with highlights the mask and shampoo make my hair so manageable I can go a day with shampooing just style and go so happy. My hair has never allowed me to do these super products.

  7. Michelle

    The best shampoo and mask ever. My hair is wiry and dry color treated and highlighted this shampoo is so great it makes my hair so clean and manageable. I can skip a day of shampooing and just style it. My hair is so soft yet not flat

  8. Rochelle

    My hair was wiry and dry until I used this product. Since using this product I have noticed vast improvements in the quality of my hair. Thank you so much for introducing me to this great product.

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